I also have a question

November 16, 2009

Category: General

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G’day All Enclosed is a photo admittedly of poor quality which was sent to me. In her own words the lady said ” it is 3 daffodils in one. The first one came out with the second one coming out of the trumpet ( full daffodil) and the third one did the same”. I think the variety is Dick Wilden. Has any one seen this before? Regards From Brenda Down under

2 responses to “I also have a question”

  1. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney says:

    I just want to know, is that a dinosaur in her flowerbed? Perhaps a few of those would be good to have around to ward off the moles. 😉

  2. Ivor Clark says:

    I don’t think that Dinosaur would be tough enough for the moles, its keeled over at the sight of a three in one daffodil. Ivor