November 28, 2009

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Planting

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For those who want to mow over the daffodil bed, in one yard I saw where the person had placed a brick into the ground so the top was level with the surrounding turf.  On this they had placed a lable.  Granted, the yard was flat. 
As for cleaning the Sharpie off the plastic spoons, knives, zinc coated metal , I have used  model 23 Skidoo price remover from Garvey, Cincinnati, OH.a div of Cosco Industries. It’s ingredients are propylene glycol, methyl ether, ethanolamine, and proprietary surfactant / wetting agents.
Don Caton

2 responses to “labels”

  1. Rob Murray says:

    The late Graham Miller of “Ellerslie” used bricks for years. Rather than a stuck on label he painted the name onto the brick with white paving paint. Some of you may have seen his bricks if you visited “Ellerslie” as part of the convention in 2004. Cheers all. Rob Murray

  2. Loyce McKenzie says:

    The late Carl Amason of Arkansas also used bricks, with black paint, and this seemed ideal in his wide open rows. Some of them were just fine from 30 years down.
    Of course for those of us who pack them closer and in smaller beds, it might get a bit tricky.
    Loyce McKenzie