Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand


November 3, 2009

Categories: Basal Rot, Diseases and Pests

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Hi all,


For those interested in finding out more on trichoderma see John McLennan’s article in the NZ Daffodil Annual 2009.  He outlines the experiments being carried out by some growers in his area.  This year he was kind enough to give me some of the material he has been using (Tenet) which I used on some of my well known rotters.  All grew well, with only one bulb lost out of about 100.  They are not being lifted this year so the real test will be to see if they do well next year.


I have attached a copy of John’s article.  With the likely ban of the chemicals we are currently using it is timely to do research on natural measures.  Go Melissa and others interested in this area.





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