Keith Kridler, Texas

farm land in southern France

December 15, 2009

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The Bordeaux region of Southern France is quickly being gobbled up by urban sprawl and the “prime or best” farmland in the region sells for nearly $3 million an acre and is mostly devoted now to vineyards. The climate is very mild both winter and summer, it appears to be very similar to the wine regions of California.
There are getting to be fewer places on Earth where there is ideal climate for growing Tazettas commercially where people are not using up the land for housing.
Here in Northeastern Texas we had an extremely long fall going till Dec. 1 without a killing freeze but since then tazettas have been ripped one night after another with temperatures in the low 20*F range or -7*C. Bloom stalks froze and burst where they were growing rapidly just above the junction of leaves. It really hurts tender bulbs to go from mid 70’s*F or about 23*C to freezing in a matter of hours.
It has been many years now that we have had a winter mild enough to have even a couple of tazetta bloom stalks to survive the winter and set a couple of seed pods. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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