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FW: Help on Purchasing Flowers

December 1, 2009

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Friends, would anyone with the ability to help with this request, please respond directly to this inquiry privately?


Jaydee Atkins Ager

Executive Director

American Daffodil Society, Inc.

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From: Debbie Vilmar [mailto: title=

Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 9:38 PM

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Subject: Help on Purchasing Flowers


Good Evening,

I am going to be married in March and I am having problems with locating white daffodils for the bridal boquet.  Would you be able to direct me to someone who may be able to supply these at that time?  The date of the wedding is March 13, 2010. 

 Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated as my present florist is telling me there are no white daffodils on the market.

 Thank you.


Debbie Vilmar


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