ID of photos in Daffodil Tree

December 27, 2009

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Hello again – in response, the Daffy Tree flowers, from top to bottom, then left to right, are:

‘Spiderwoman’ 3 Y–O

‘Rapture’ 6 Y–Y (Miniature)

Koopowitz 03–234–9 ‘Pink China’ x N. dubius 8 W–P (Miniature)

‘Tamar Fire’ 4 Y–R; ‘Hot Gossip’ 2 Y–O

‘Marisol’ 8 W–O; ‘Green Pearl’ 3 W–GWW (with ‘Classic Gold’ 10 Y–Y triple above it); ‘Mesa Verde’ 12 G–GGY

‘Muster’ 4 W–O; ‘Banker’ 2 Y–O; ‘Mondragon’ 11a Y–O

‘Pathetique’ 1 W–P; ‘Lavalier’ 5 YYW–W; ‘Jolene’ 3 W–YYR; ‘Magic Sunset’ 2 Y–P

 ‘Continental Divide’ 11a Y–O; ‘Elusive’ 3 W–R; ‘Tao’ 3 Y–O ; ‘Pineapple Prince’ 2 Y–W

Base of tree: ‘Bravoure’ 1 W–Y


Also FYI, the photo inserts to the Left of the “tree” are:

 ‘Hilltop Stella’ (dahlia) – macro

Odontioda Heatonensis (orchid)

and White Poppy at Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

 Cheers to all!


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