Greg Freeman, South Carolina

Koopowitz seedling HK2-08

December 3, 2009

Categories: Autumn Blooming Daffodils, Daffodil Types, Hybridizing, Seedling

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The previous photo I shared of my Koopowitz seedling, HK2-08 (‘Emerald Sea’ open pollinated), has been superceded by an image I took today.  The flowers now display more reflex than I first anticipated, and the perianth has lost all of its pale sage tint and is now pure white.

Greg Freeman
Walhalla, South Carolina, USA


One response to “Koopowitz seedling HK2-08”

  1. Jamie Vande says:


    that is extremely beautiful.  The perianth looks to be a true crystalline white and that corolla, wow, my favourite shade of green.  Hope it’s a happy camper and increases like rabbits.

    Jamie V.