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Londonderry Vase, a third view

December 26, 2009

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My previous posting doesn’t give you an idea of how large the vase is. Here is a view with normal sized people standing nearby. The signs inside the case say:
Londonderry Vase, 1813 France, Sevres Designed by Charles Percier (French 1764-1838) Decoration designed by Alexandre-Theodore Brongiart (French 1739-1813) Painted by Gilbert Drouet (French 1785-1825) and Christophe-Ferdinand Caron (French, active 1792-1815) Hard-paste porcelain, guilding, and ormolu mounts Gift of the Henry and Maribel G. Blum Fund and the Harold L. Stuart Endowment, 1987
This extraordinary vase represents the great achievements of the Sevres factory during the Napoleonic period. Napoleon himself recognized the political potential of Sevres as a manufacturer of sumptuous gifts that would demonstrate the supremacy of French craftsmanship. This vase exhibits some of the finest floral decoration of the period. Originally commissioned by Napoleon around 1805, the vase was not released by the factory until 1814, after he had been exiled. It was used as a diplomatic gift by the newly restored King Louis XVIII, who ordered his foreign minister, Charles- Maurice de Talleyrand, to present it to the English Viscount Castlereagh, and Marquis of Londonderry, on the eve of the Congress of Vienna.
I don’t know if the vase was ever in Londonderry in Northern Ireland, but it’s now sitting in a museum in Chicago.
Kirby Fong

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