Henry Shejbal, Italy

that time of the year again…

December 15, 2009

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Hello Sara,
Paperwhites are now grown mostly in Israel and also the bulbs sold in Italy come from there, albeit via Holland.
Small quantities of N. tazetta tazetta and N. tazetta ‘Italicus’ are available from stock grown in Italy. Export outside the EU is however very difficult.
Best regards Henry (Rome)
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When the tazettas start blooming in the coastal South, and the scads of distinct no-name flowers drive us to distraction yet again…
Occurred to me, that paperwhites particularly and possibly some of the bicolors were grown in southern France and Italy commercially for an awfully long time, and that’s were American commercial farmers ordered their stock from from the early 1900s on til World War II.
Does anyone know of any French/Italian commercial catalogs -?
Thanks muchly~

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