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Tulips lemmersii

December 7, 2009

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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I have just learned that a newly identified tulip species has been named to honor our Dutch friend, Wim Lemmers.
Tulipa lemmersii Zonn., A. Peterse, J. de Groot is described as erect, yellow with a red hue on the inside, small, single flowered.  It was collected by A. Peterse on top of the steep cliffs in the Mashad Pass, Kazakhstan.  He accompanied a tulip epedition organized by Wim Lemmers, the eminent connoisseur of the wild middle Asiataic tulip flora.
This was apparently published in a study of DNA in tulips by Ben Zonneveld.  Maybe Ben can post a link to the article so everyone can see the photo.
Mary Lou


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