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Ancient Egyptian Bridle

January 8, 2010

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Dear All,
           A few days ago there was an 1888 article put up on Daffnet re the Ancient Egyptian daffodil Bridle wreaths held at The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.
Our friends at Kew in the form of Mark Nesbitt, Curator of Economic Botany, has been most helpful and sent me the attached picture and text from two others from there catalogue.
I have been asked to say that the picture is the copyright of Kew Gardens and would ask you not to use it in any other way or be prepared to spend a day in court and pay my costs as I have had to sign my life away for free!
Please enjoy the picture.
The Discription of the picture is the third one down. Cat NO. 40740
My best wishes to All
Cat. No.: 26698      Location: Archaeological
175.28 AMARYLLIDACEAE Narcissus tazetta L.
31.01 MALVACEAE Hibiscus
11.00 CRUCIFERAE Matthiola librator L

Artefact description: Portion of a wreath
Number of parts: 18

Geography TDWG: (20EGYOO) Egypt  ISO Country: (EG) Egypt
Collector: Flinders Petrie W
Donor: Petrie Collection
Donor No. 1    Donor date: 00/00/1888
Part(s) held: Inflorescence

Inflorescence Use: Ornamental plant User: Man Qualifier: Wreath

Notes: Label source:  Portion of a wreath composed of flowers of Narcissus
tazetta L., flowers of Matthiola librator L. and petals of a species of Hibiscus.

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