Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

Ash and planting minis

January 10, 2010

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Hello All,

 If my memory serves me correctly one of the research stations in the UK conducted a controlled experiment in which the weed cover in one patch was burnt off and in the other was cleared by hand.  The burnt off patch produced bulbs considerably bigger than the other.  One NZ grower was so impressed with this finding that he hired a flame thrower and burnt off his patch.  Regrettably he also burnt his labels and spent some years sorting them all out again!  Of course most of us recognize the need for potash and apply it regularly.

 We have finished lifting (hooray)!  The last batch in our seed trays came from some triandrus v triandrus crosses which Malcolm Wheeler sent us.  I think every seed must have grown as we now have over a hundred small bulblets.  Question – how should we grow these?  Our standard two year old seedling go into open ground but my guess is that these little’uns would be safer in trays.  Any hints are welcome relating to fertilizer, planting depth etc would be welcome.

 Best wishes to all Daffnetters for the New Year.




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