Marilynn Howe, California

Corrected Distribution Map for N. triandrus

January 12, 2010

Categories: Conservation, Daffodil Types, Science, Species

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Hi Daffnet,
For those interested, I am attaching the corrected distribution map for N. triandrus the Iberian Peninsula published in Anales Jardin Botanico de Madrid, 58 (1), page 184, (2000) by Alfredo Barra Lazaro. On page 186 he also gives the keys for the subspecies and varieties.
The names are:
Purple Arrow = subsp. triandrus.
Black Arrow = var. loseleurii.
Red Dotted Arrow = var. alejandrei.
Red Arrow = subsp. pallidulus.
Blue Arrow = var. paivae.
Green Arrow = subsp. lusitanicus.
Notice the convergence of the species in Portugal.
Marilynn Howe

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