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January 30, 2010

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I came across this news about Google phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6 in March. applications.html
From our own web servers logs, we have seen IE6 decline from 60% Jan 2008, 50% Jan 2009, to 37% Jan 2010. I also did some other checks and if appears most of the IE6 logs are search engine indexing sites that show “MSIE 6.0” but are really searching programs.
In any case, we have found that IE6 is very difficult to handle for web site programming because it is not compatible with IE7 or IE8 and other browsers. Basically IE6 displays our web sites poorly, especially the fonts.
If you are unsure what version of IE you are using, simply click the word “Help” on the top of the browser window, then click “About”. You will see the IE version information displayed then.
There are numerous security problems with using IE6 too, so personally I would upgrade.
You can update your browser by choosing IE7 or IE8 using this Microsoft URL:
Hope this helps,
Ben, Co-Administrator Daffnet

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