Hoopoe – the bird

January 21, 2010

Categories: General, Non-Daffodil

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Just got back from a tour of Egypt (where the weather was a nice break from WV).  I was thrilled to spot this hoopoe, as the flower is one of the few tazettas that do well in my garden.  There are better photos on the web, but this is mine!

Kathleen Simpson

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  1. Kathleen Simpson says:

    Thanks!  I’ve just listened to the hoopoe call and it must be a pleasant thing to hear in the spring.  The hoo is definitely there (X3), but I don’t really hear the poe.  Do you think it would encourage my hoopoes if I sang it to them at bloom time?  The community on Daffnet has such interesting information!  This was fun – thanks for sharing it with us.


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