Murphys Main Street photos #1

January 24, 2010

Categories: American Daffodil Society, General, Shows

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I have four photos taken in Murphys, our ADS convention location, last Saturday the 16th. It was a lovely, warm day in Murphys, unlike most parts of the Bay Area, which had low overcast and fog.
The first photo shows one of the side streets near the old Murphys Hotel, with the bright blue sky of Spring.
The second one is of the Murphys Hotel itself. The town was founded by the Murphy brothers in the Gold Rush year of 1848. (That’s why the town is Murphys, not Murphy’s.) The hotel dates from 1856. It has been damaged and renovated a few times since, but the interior still has the Gold Rush flavor. Our other accomodations are rather more comfortable, but it is worth paying the Hotel a visit. A feature of the Hotel is the ironwork grill decorating the balconies. In the photo Main Street is toward the right, and Algiers Street on the left. Ironstone Vineyards is about 1.5 miles from this point down Algiers St.

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