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to beginners

January 24, 2010

Category: Daffodil Enthusiasts

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Hello Donna,


Glad you have a similar pleasant recollection regarding Matthew Zandbergen. And I liked your mentioning his daughter Suzy. In fact, he told me the  story of  ‘Tahiti’ and ‘Suzy’, the well known daffodils. The second name was given to the famous jonquil because of his daughter.


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Exactly what I meant.  Those who started us on our love of daffodils are the ones we fondly remember.  I did not meet Matthew Zandbergen at the beginning of my interest.  However, I did meet him the last time he made the journey to the US.  With him were his wife and daughter, Suzy, and her two beautiful daughters.  I do cherish that meeting.  I felt so privileged to have conversations with one of the men who started the Dutch bulb industry.

My regret is that there are not enough of these spirited people to draw in more members.  Our membership, while still healthy, has been dwindling over the last few years.  I meant that we do have to make a more concerted effort to draw in new people and more of us have to do it.


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  1. Donna Dietsch says:
    Hello Henry,
    I did remember that the jonquil was named for Matthew’s daughter by Dr Favell who was, I understand, a friend.  However, I don’t know the story of Tahiti.  Now you have to relate it to us.