Jan Pennings, the Netherlands

Winter in Holland

January 10, 2010

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Planting, Weather and Temperature

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Dear Friends. Last week you saw the picture of Hein Meeuwissen of our first spring flowershow in Holland  My picture shows the the winter in Holland outside. A lot of snow and much wind,not so usual here. I expect that this  hurt not the bulbs. After planting we covered the bulbs with straw. Hyacinths about 7.5 tons an acre, Tulips about 3 tons and daffodils about 4 .5 tons an acre. In the beginning of December we put some extra straw on our small daffodils like,N.bulbocodium and now with the extra snow we are not afraid about any damage. And what can we do more,all depends on the NATURE .Now time to do some paperwork at home.
Many people worried about Global warming. We had the Climate Convention in Copenhagen where many people were,they all were discussing what to do.They took a decision;;
We have now the coldest winter since years……  You believe????
A Flowergreeting from Holland.  Jan Pennings

2 responses to “Winter in Holland”

  1. Christine Durrill says:

    In central Missouri, weather like this isn’t all that unusual – we’ll have alternating mild winters with ones like what we’re having now (makes for fewer insect pests come spring!). The daffodils don’t seem to mind at all – as long as they’re planted in well drained spots. I’ve seen clumps where the house that once stood there is long gone that come up year after year in full glory. 

    So, here’s hoping your crop is as tough as the ones in Missouri!
    Chris Durrill
    P.S. What a lovely farmstead. Do we get to see a picture of it this Spring surrounded by flowers???

  2. Chriss Rainey says:


    I suspect now that the natural cycle of global warming is over, we’ll see many new members in the Florida Daffodil Society, and who knows, maybe one year we’ll have a Miami National Convention.  🙂
    Chriss Rainey
    Reston, VA
    Current temperature a frosty 32 F, up from 11 F last night