‘French Prairie’ ID

February 19, 2010

Categories: Daffodil Types, Standards

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I’m trying again to get this flower identified. My earlier email may have gotten overlooked after all the wonderful pictures that have been posted lately.

Do any of you grow ‘French Prairie’?  If so, is this a photo of it?  There is only one picture on Daffseek.  I purchased ‘French Prairie’ from Mitch Daffodils about 8 years ago and assumed that it was dead when I couldn’t find it the next spring.  Two years ago I had a lovely 2W-P bloom for me and I know that it isn’t something new that I purchased.  I am thinking that it must have had a “near-death-experience” and finally recovered.  I know that I “rescue” lots of daffodils through-out the country, but, this is much too NEW looking to have come from those old abandomed sites.  Nancy was kind enough to resize it for me so I can post it on Daffnet.

2 responses to “‘French Prairie’ ID”

  1. Jason Delaney, Missouri Jason Delaney says:



    This looks like good old ‘Passionale’.  Probably, as this flower ages, the pink will morph to shell-pink or even lighter.  ‘Passionale’ rarely has good color here, but it is always smooth and uniform, very dependable and lovely. Last year, like so many of our flowers in our ideal spring, its color was quite pure.


    ‘French Prairie’ is a borderline trumpet, with a less tapered, blockier corona.  If the season is favorable it can be very smooth and one of the richest, rosiest pinks in our field.  I have used it with ‘Lutana’ and 1W-O seedlings as it is so rich in color and has the desired coronal length.  As a garden flower, it is very nice, very rugged, quite early, and strongly perennial. 




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  2. John Lipscomb says:

    Mary:  I agree with Jason.  My Passionale looks exactly like your photos.

    Regards,  John Lipscomb