Jan Pennings, the Netherlands


February 20, 2010

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Dear Daffodil friends.  It is 150 years ago that the KAVB (Royal General Growers Ass) started. That is a long time ago.Several activity,s will happen.One of them is an exhibition of 150 years KAVB in the museum De Zwarte Tulp  (the black tulip)  in Lisse. www.museumdezwartetulp.nl  Another idea,go to www.youtube.com  search. janpennings. also something about the history in the bulbgrowers world.  Success  Jan Pennings Holland

One response to “Jubilee”

  1. James Akers, England James Akers says:

    Dear Jan


    Please pass on the congratulations from the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society, which as you know celebrates its 175th anniversary this year.




    James Akers