Ted Snazelle, Mississippi

Literally Snow Birds

February 13, 2010

Category: General

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Yesterday’s Mississippi snow brought cardinals, goldfinches, and a house finch (red head – right side of picture) to my feeder.  If the picture doesn’t look as good as I thought, blame it on me, not Photoshop 7 . . . I ‘m in  “deep snow” with my knowledge of Photoshop or lack thereof.

Theodore E. Snazelle, Ph.D.

101 Water Oaks Drive


4 responses to “Literally Snow Birds”

  1. Joanna Lloyd Tilghman says:

    Remember that this is the Great Backyard Bird Count Weekend.  For information go to http://www.birdsource.org   It is lots of fun.

  2. Nancy Ellis says:

    Marvelous!  I love cardinals!

    Nancy in Oregon

  3. Donna Dietsch says:
    I have an idea.  Do we have someone in the ADS who does know about how to use photoshop?  Maybe a talk at a convention.  I’d be there.

  4. Kathy Welsh says:

    After the 24″ of snow last week I had 12 male cardinals in one tree outside my kitchen window.  That’s a record for me.  I’ve always had a bunch of cardinals, but I didn’t realize I was feeding that many!  I especially like it when I have a cardinal, goldfinch and bluebird all at the same feeder.  The color is wonderful.  Sure wish the feed I use wasn’t so expensive!