Ian Tyler, England

My American adventure!

February 21, 2010

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As always I’m planning my wardrobe for my annual adventure to America, and was wondering, could anyone give me an idea of what the weather conditions will be like in Murphys in March!
Do I bring my Winter, Summer or Spring ensemble?

Here in frozen Standish UK, I awoke this morning to another 1” of snow, we are not use to light clothing being hardy sorts, but the thought of taking my Long Johns to Murphys seems a little against the grain! Manchester airport was closed again this morning due to snow and I’m only two weeks from departure!

I hear the call of California sunshine, film stars, muscle beach and long legged girls on roller-skates, Oh my!

So you will understand I want to look my best and 5 layers of winter warmers is not how I wish to be remembered by the “beautiful people” in your sun kissed state. You never know, I might be discovered yet!

The show I understand is to be held in caves with wine given out as inner central heating, that is if Bob a has not drank it all by the time I get there, going by the picture Melissa put up on daffnet, and the convention merchandise seems is designed for warmth!

I’m I too late to order a Dark Blue fleece no hood with logo?

I have taken on board the warning to ware warm clothing when visiting the Redwoods in the mountains and can accommodate that but any fashion advice you could give this travelling Brit would be most gratefully received.

Regards to All
Ian :o)


4 responses to “My American adventure!”

  1. Chriss Rainey says:
    While I do recognize the necessity of adapting to the situation at hand, I can’t let go of the memory of Eve Robertson attending the “formal evening event” in her long flowing formal gown of red taffeta with black polka dots and matching shoulder shawl.  Or of Jaydee Ager in a full length sequined gown beautiful enough to stop a clock. 
    These memories seem eons away from the image that we might all be showing up for dinner in fleece and denim.  …… sigh…. I have to hope not. 
    Buck up people!!!  Dust yourselves off and pack your party shoes, or as the Australians say, “dress to impress.”  The ADS didn’t get the reputation as the “dressinest and the drinkinest” for nothing.  We have a reputation to uphold. 
    Bring your woolies and your walking shoes, but toss in your suitcase something nice for dinner, a string of pearls, a fancy neck tie, perhaps. We are, after all, the premier plant society in the entire world, bar none, and we are the legacy of the likes of Judge Carey Quinn, Roberta Watrous, Dr. Tom Throckmorton, Marie Bozievich, and others who respected the fact that traveling across the country and around the globe for a get together was a very special event indeed.  It is in their honor that we carry on these long held traditions of form and grace.
  2. Phyllis Hess says:
    Chriss honey, you dress to impress, at my age I am going to dress to be warm. LOL
    I have been cold all winter, even in Florida!
    Besides you have the figure for it.
    Phyllis Hess


  3. Melissa Reading says:

    Ian and other Murphys attendees:

    Weather in Murphys is quite unpredictable from 3 weeks out.  Our experience over the years, and we do have a show there at the same time each year, is that it can be anything from too-hot-for-the-daffodils, to snow and slush on the ground, and very very chilly. And it can be cold one day and hot the next. One way to get a professional view of what it might be this year is to check the 15 day forecast on Accuweather,
    But if you’ve followed these forecasts much, you know that they vary a lot as the time gets closer. They don’t come with guarantees.

    I myself will be taking expedition weight long-johns and expecting to wear them while staging, at a minimum.  Sorry if this is Too Much Information.  But the staging area will purposely be kept cold.  Probably I will also be wearing a few layers of fleece and a hat.  We’ve asked them to keep the show room cool throughout the weekend, but the dining room and the meeting rooms will be warmer.

    The elevation at Ironstone is just shy of 2000 feet, and there is a significant variation between day and night temperatures.  So it will be good to dress in layers so that as the chilly morning turns into the hoped-for warm sunny afternoon, you can adjust, and then re-adjust as it cools off again in the evening. 

    California dress is quite casual, and you will fit in perfectly in fleece and denim, as Bob and Nancy were in the photo.


  4. Nancy Tackett, California Nancy Tackett says:

    Hi Ian and all,
    For weather details at Murphys, check the link in the upper right hand corner of Murphys web site: http://www.visitmurphys.com/
    However, even with this, Murphys can have sunny skies and 70 degrees one day and snowfall the next. So, as the Boy Scouts say, be prepared!
    We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!