Phyllis Hess, Ohio


February 14, 2010

Category: General

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Since daffnet is quiet, look what the Kiwi’s have besides great daffodils, glads, etc.
Phyllis Hess
Yike Bike. Finally, something “green” that’s cool and looks like it may even be fun as well as useful.

Pit bike, pilots, race spectators, etc.

One response to “Nice….”

  1. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hello Everyone.


    Goodness Gracious Me –  the Yike Bike is quite an invention.  Very ingenious – made me ashamed that my only recent innovation is with Hot Water Treatment (which is currently underway) and consists of taping up the holes on the drainage tray ( old roofing iron).  No more drips now – all the water goes back into the HWT Drum.  Should have thought of it myself without waiting for Les to tell me to do it!!!!


    Hope that the inventor of the Yike Bike buys a helmet before he gets ticketed by a jealous traffic cop.


    Thanks Phyllis – see you in Murphys.






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