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February 15, 2010

Category: Growing Daffodils

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dear Mike
They say it is only the first five years that are the worst, from then on each year you have a new batch of seedlings that will flower for the first time. but it is important make a start as soon as you can. two quick tips firstly sow the seed as soon as you have harvested it that way you will get much better germination. and secondly if possibly give the first and second year seedlings some winter protection, I have found this promotes earlier growth and a longer growing season which in turn gives a larger bulb and can lead to flowers in the fourth year.
with regard to the emails about birds and chrysanthemum I seem to remember growing a red charm chrysanthemum called bullfinch many years ago. before I was converted to daffodils.
John Gibson basking by the pool in 21 degrees on holiday in sunny Madeira

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