Wonderful Daffodil Article in Midwest Home & GardenMagazine

February 26, 2010

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They resurrected the story last summer-fall but altered it to be less specific, switching to good cultivars for this region.  A broader audience could be reached in this regard, and I think the article turned out very nice.


The ADS even got its website mentioned, just in time for spring! 

Apparently a tortured history to that story, Jason. I guess that all went on before the writer called me for information. I think I can claim at least some of the credit for getting the ADS website in there.
When the writer and photographer of the article about our garden in Cincinnati Magazine a few years ago, the photographer took his shots in the field and then sat on the porch and had me look at each shot and identify the cultivar. He right then renamed each photo using the cultivar name as the filename–the best way to be sure names are going to come out right in a finished article. The Cincinnati Magazine people also sent us page proof of the article to make sure everything was accurate. That doesnt’ happen often either.
Since then, both the editor and the writer have brought their families over for an annual tour. One young daughter is so enamored of ‘Can Can Girl’ that the second year they came she jumped out of the car and ran to exactly where it was planted! You can bet I’ll trying to get her in our youth group when she gets a little older.
Bill Lee

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