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Wonderful Daffodil Article in Midwest Home & GardenMagazine

February 26, 2010

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Ralph et al,


A few of you have pointed out that the image of Fragrant Rose in the magazine article is incorrect… you are correct.  J  We do grow the real thing, procured from Mitsch Daffodils by way of Brian Duncan, since 2000.  At the moment I am unable to open the image and I don’t have the magazine here, so I cannot tell you which it is, sorry. They took several hundred photos during their stint, and up until a few weeks before going to press images were being swapped.   The very first image online, labeled as ‘Oregon Trail’, is also incorrect.  It is correctly featured in the magazine. I have been unable to move past page two online, so I cannot speak for the rest of those photos.


This article was supposed to have been published in 2008, featuring Midwestern-hybridized daffodils instead of daffodils for the Midwest.  John Reed, Mary Lou Griphsover, Larry Weir, Gary Knehans, Dave Niswonger, the late Charles Wheatley, and myself were to be featured.  Meredith Publications went so far as travel to John Reed’s fields in the spring of 2007 for a photo shoot, and the day they arrived—-during the most pristine week imaginable—it snowed several inches and they were unable to take any pictures.  Eventually a wonderful draft with many gorgeous pictures of various seedlings and introductions was in the works, interviews were being set up…then layoffs, staff changes, and major budget cuts put the article on the back burner.  They resurrected the story last summer-fall but altered it to be less specific, switching to good cultivars for this region.  A broader audience could be reached in this regard, and I think the article turned out very nice.


The ADS even got its website mentioned, just in time for spring!  J


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