Keith Kridler, Texas

Banquet Hall at Ironstone

March 29, 2010

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Here is a shot of the banquet hall there at Ironstone. It was simply a wonderful place to have a daffodil convention. This is where they introduced all of the young men and women who did a great job serving all of the meals and catering to our ever expanding waist lines:-))
Just a few short hours, actually the WEE hours of Monday morning everyone was scrambling to get to the buses and heading off to the airport to catch airplanes to carry them to distant parts of our world.
Sandy and I left early Monday and we were just entering Yosemite Park as the first daffodil folks began flying out of Sacramento…Within minutes the cobalt blue sky was filled with vapor trails as all the daffodil lovers flew off to new destinations. Most were probably sound asleep, with visions or dreams of medals and ribbons from daffodils they are about to order! Keith Kridler

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