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DaffSeek and Baby Boomer

March 25, 2010

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Marilynn and all,

Actually, the registered daffodil information in DaffSeek is from the RHS. A complete description of the RHS and ADS data relationship is stated on the Managers Acknowledgments page: .  When "not registered with the RHS" is displayed in the year field, this means the daffodil’s detail information is from one or more sources such as the hybridizer, catalogs, periodicals, or the RHS.

The reason ‘Baby Boomer’  had a different classification than the RHS is because initially, it was in DaffSeek as an unregistered flower accompanied with the best information available at the time.  When it was registered a few years ago, the RHS sent updates for DaffSeek and it slipped by me that the classification had been changed.

An eye appointment is my near future!


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Daffseek should state the information is not from the International Registration Authority and may be subject to change.
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Sorry, Daffnet, the mistake is mine.  The Databank says the registration is from the 2008 RHS Supplement, and I obviously made a typographical error, hitting the 8 instead of 7 for the division.  Daffodils to Show and Grow correctly lists Baby Boomer as 7 Y-Y.
It would be nice to have registration forms in hand before adding anything to the Databank or DaffSeek, but there are many flowers which are never registered, and we add what information we can from the sources available.
Mary Lou

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