damaging herbicide residue

March 8, 2010

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http://www.motherearthnews.com/Grow-It/Milestone-Herbicide-Contamination-Creates-Dangerous-Toxic-Compost.aspx Here is another reason one might not want to use manure on daffodil beds: apparently persistent herbicides can retain damaging levels for several years in hay, manure, or even municipal compost. The link above gives the details.

3 responses to “damaging herbicide residue”

  1. Bob Johnson says:
     Daffnet Readers

     This is just another reason to grow your own compost, at least you would know what you put into it. I have never sold Forefront or heard of it so it must be something that is not used in the landscape or vineyard  industries out here in Calif very much.  But then there are plenty of nasties that out there. Buyer beware of what you buy.
                                      Bob in The Napa Valley where life is indeed good…

  2. Keith Kridler says:

    We are also having problems with Grazon in old hay and manure. I showed some photos of tomatoes at the ADS in Chicago where the manure had been put into the garden area two years before and it was still affecting these plants after 60 inches of rainfall.
    Keith Kridler
    Mt. Pleasant, Texas

  3. David Liedlich says:


    If that herbicide (aminopyralid) is still present in the manure of animals that have consumed forage tainted with the chemical, one would assume it to de detectable in their meat as well.  Scary stuff, it sounds like.

    Thanks for the article link.

    Dave Liedlich