Clay Higgins, New Jersey

Fw: Import permit

March 3, 2010

Categories: Bulb Information, Growing Daffodils

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Clear Day

Does anyone know how one gets an import permit to obtain bulbs from Australia.  I’ve never had to do that before.  Is it some sort of new requirement?
If anyone can help me, please send me an email ASAP.
Clay E. Higgins

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Our quarantine people have just told me that you need an import permit to bring the bulbs in. Can you check this out and if necessary get one asap so we can send your bulbs.
Kind regards
Graham Fleming,


One response to “Fw: Import permit”

  1. Keith Kridler says:

    I had a three year import permit back in 2002-2005. Since I am licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture and they inspect us twice a year it was fairly easy to get a federal import permit.

    The problem came with actually getting the bare root cuttings out of quarantine (where they were putting all sorts of strange packages into warehouses and waiting 4 weeks for the package to blow up) and then getting them shipped to me. After the 9-11 World Trade Center disaster my $3,000.00 order of plants from Australia that was originally flown in and actually landed in Dallas Texas in Jan. did not get out of quarantine and arrive until early May.

    But of course they had closed the imported plant inspection in Dallas after 9-11 and the cuttings had to be flown to Seoul South Korea and put in storage then new permits issued for Los Angeles.
    Then Fed Ex lost the 15 pound box twice in April, delivering it to someone in El Paso Texas more than 1,000 miles from Mt. Pleasant. That person was expecting a gift and hauled my plants illegally to Monterey Mexico without opening the box. Then he had to smuggle the plants back into El Paso and Fed Ex picked them up at the police station and promptly shipped them to Memphis Tenn. missing Mt. Pleasant by 400 miles to the north and it took them another two weeks to find them in Tenn.
    There is actually a REALLY funny story how we tracked the plants down there in Monterey, Mexico…I spent hours on the phone with Fed Ex and some of those conversations were REALLY funny.
    Anyway start with your local state agriculture guys and they are supposed to have fixed the imported plant problems now but I have not been brave enough to try this sort of thing again and I let my permit expire.
    Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas Still freezing here nightly and tomorrow is our show. I hope to be able to pick 30 blooms for identification at our judges school! Our fields look more like they do in Jan. than for March!