Lesley Ramsay, New Zealand

New Zealand visitors to the convention

March 2, 2010

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Hello Chriss,
I have been in touch with a local honey supplier. Manuka Honey to put on your toast is $NZ 10.30 for 500gms. Manuka Honey for medicinal purposes only UMS 10+  is $NZ 19.50 for 500gms and $NZ 28.60 for the UMS 15+ 500gms.

Hope this helps,

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  1. Melissa Reading says:

    Lesley’s prices for medicinal honey are similar to those one finds in the US or on the internet.  The honey is rated by a UMF code.  This stands for Unique Manuka Factor. A value of 10 suffices.  Higher values track higher prices. There is extensive reputable literature on the use of Manuka Honey, especially for wound treatment.  It is used in many hospitals against MRSA (multiply resistant staphylococcus aureus).  I have used it for several wounds.  It aids granulation of the wound, and thus wound closure.  Most of the research has been done in New Zealand and Australia.