Help on “flying” daffodils

March 2, 2010

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Could some of our members who have experiences taking daffodils on an airplane to our shows please give us some pointers of their experiences and methods of transporting and care??

And if you have any photographs illustrating packing, that would be helpful. I think the attached photo was taken by Kathy Welsh a couple of years ago.

If you have any observations of how the new security laws will affect us, please let us know.
Thanks much for your advise,

Ralph —

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4 responses to “Help on “flying” daffodils”

  1. Jon Stephenson says:

    See the Daffodil Journal, December 2008, pp. 136-138. This is an article about the travel techniques used by Kathy Welsh for both air and ground travel.

  2. Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi Loyce McKenzie says:

    Ralph, I think this particular box is Tom Stettner’s, and not flying.
    But go back to probably September or December after Richmond, which would be 2008, and there’s an article in the Journal written by Mary Dorner based
    on a lecture and an interview with Kathy Welsh, with a couple of pictures.
    Kathy took probably 200 flowers to Tacoma in 2007, quite’ll find the basics all here.

  3. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Hi Ralph, You would pack your flowers as the photo shows, and you can start more flowers from the opposite end of the box, slipping the stems between the flowers coming from the other direction. You might want to put tape across the stems to keep the flowers from shifting in the box. I’ve never checked a box a box of flowers as baggage, but if you get a box that fits in the overhead compartment you should be fine. You might want to wait to tape the box shut until after you go through security at the airport. When you get to your destination, cut off about a quarter of an inch of the stem and put the flowers in water to give them a good drink.
    I don’t know about any rules about bringing flowers into California. I remember years ago when we were travelling with the kids, there was a California border check, and if you had any produce, you had to either eat it or throw it away. Maybe one of our California friends can speak to that.
    Mary Lou

  4. Don Caton says:

    Hi All –
    Could not open the photo  but from Mary Lou’s description it sounds similar to what Don and I have done.  We packed them in floral boxes that were being thrown out (read recyled) by our local super market.  Only we carefully wrapped each stem in floral wax tissue paper to help support and protect them; putting a wet paper towel piece at the end of each stem to maintain moisture.  And yes we gently taped them down to minimize shifting.  We actually had to check them as luggage to Ireland in 2008 at Newark and most made it quite well. We boldly marked the contents all over the boxes and explained they needed to be handled with care.  They actually had a person at each end collect the boxes and carefully carried them to and from baggage area.  Maybe we were just lucky.  Cut flowers were not a problem for customs/airlines – they told us it was potted plants with soil that was their major concern.

    Marge Caton