March daffodils in zone 7

March 20, 2010

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Landscapes and Naturalized Daffodils

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In advance of the blizzard we expected this weekend, I took a snapshot of one daffodil bed.
Nothing prizewinning, just a personal collection.
Martha in Muskogee OK

One Response to March daffodils in zone 7

  1. Christine Durrill, Missouri
    March 20, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    Oh how lovely – in Missouri so far we’ve run the gamut, rain, sleet, snow, wet snow, rain-sleet, with a dusting some places, flash floods in others, and nearly six inches in the Northwest – and you? At least all that’s blooming in my part of the state’s just your old fashioned “Lent Lillies” – thank goodness!