Ohio bulb exchange – re bulbs from Kathleen Simpson

March 26, 2010

Categories: Bulb Information, Diseases and Pests, Growing Daffodils

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I think I overheated some of my bulbs last year when I was soaking them in fungicide.  I’ve noticed a lot of mis-shapen Rapture blooms.  Don’t panic if the bulbs you got from me last year also produce mis-shapen blooms – I don’t think it’s a disease, just rough treatment. 

I had several bags go bad during storage and spread corpse-dust throughout my storage area, so I re-treated everything with a fungicide dip in late summer.  Partway through I noticed that the fungicide I was using was supposed to be mixed at 80 deg F.  Rather than using a thermometer I just winged it and am pretty sure I went to far and overheated things.  I still haven’t out-grown the tendency to over-react when I get mad.  I expect this to be spotty (I didn’t do it consistently) and to affect small bulbs more than large. 

Ulp, sorry.

Kathleen Simpson
Harmony WV where it was snowing this morning! 

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