Snowdrops – south west Scotland

March 9, 2010

Category: Non-Daffodil

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Hello Brenda,
Nice of you to get in touch.
My wife and I bought the place 13 years ago, in truth because I liked the ground, 3 1/2 ac.
It was very overgrown, ancient snowdrops (only the common snowdrops plus doubles – still the same), thriving in good patches where they had ideal conditions.
I’m sorry to hear that your snowdrop hasn’t multiplied as you hoped.
West of Scotland is windy, bad for snowdrops unless well sheltered.  I have 2 ac woodland and excellent shelter.
The soil has lots of natural leaf mould, is fairly well drained, but stays moist. Snowdrops don’t like compaction so loose soil is good, away from paths or regularly trodden areas.  They like sunlight, but never at the expense of drying out, that’s why deciduous woodland is great.  That said my most prolific area is in full spring sunshine facing south, but it is a moist bank.  There is a massive lime tree to shield summer sun.  Also note the moss in the photo.
If I think the ground will dry out I will plant deep adding as much leaf mould as I can.  I have failed in several places, usually exposure to wind is to blame.  I am about to plant Box plants in the base of Beech and Holly hedges to increase shelter.
From all this you might be able to improve the conditions for your own snowdrops.
You’re in autumn planting season, best wishes,
I’m not involved with the convention, I also wish everyone well.

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