Mary Lou’s Daffodil Display at the Library

April 27, 2010

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Daffnetters will remember the photo of the remarkable daffodil display Mary Lou Gripshover created at a local library during blooming season. What Mary Lou did not say was that she also donated a copy of Daffodils for North American Gardens to that library.

The South Western Ohio Daffodil Society (SWODS) has received a letter from the Clermont County Public Library praising the fantastic informative display and thanking Mary Lou for the book donation.
These things do get noticed! In the fall we might think of doing a program at the library and giving free bulbs as well.
Bill Lee

3 responses to “Mary Lou’s Daffodil Display at the Library”

  1. Mary Lou Gripshover, Ohio Mary Lou Gripshover says:

    Bill is too kind.  It was SWODS that gave the library the book.  I just delivered it. 
    The display comes out Thursday (I’m going to be out of town on Friday), and I did manage to put fresh flowers with the display every Monday and Thursday.  I didn’t think I’d make it this last week, but there were some poets, some ‘Final Curtain’ and ‘Happy Ending’ along with a few ‘Baby Moon’.
    Mary Lou

  2. Tom Stettner, Ohio Tom Stettner says:

    Mary Lou has always done great things for the Daffodil. This season was one of the worst seasons that I can remember in 22 years and she was still able to put hundreds of flowers in our local show, and do this extra effort at the Library.

    Thank you Mary Lou for all you do to promote our flower!


  3. Chriss Rainey says:

    Dear All,
    Our local library has a case that is near the front door in which people are allowed to display personal collections.  All you have to do is put your name on the list and when it comes up, you take your turn.  The collection is on display for 30 days, and then it is someone else’s turn.  I have always enjoyed seeing these things change. 
    I’m really impressed with Mary Lou’s diligence at keeping her exhibit fresh, which took a lot of effort I’m sure.  But I’m also impressed that she convinced her library to let her do it. 
    Good for you, Mary Lou, for opening that door and for presenting the rest of us with a challenge to try to do the same.