Keith Kridler, Texas

Amaryllis Caterpillars

June 11, 2010

Category: General

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One of our Master Gardeners has these on her Crinium and or Amaryllis plants. They are also moving to her ferns and oregano plants. It would appear to me they are about done eating and will be creating a cocoon soon. We came up with an identity of Spanish Moth on one of the web sites. I had these on a lot of daffodils about 6 years ago but seldom see them now. I don’t seem to recall what you all thought this caterpillar was back then. Keith Kridler Mt. Pleasant, Texas Incredible thunderstorm yesterday. We got 5 inches of rain or 13 CM but parts of our county got over 10 inches of rainfall or 25 CM with most of it coming in a 1<2 hour period.

2 responses to “Amaryllis Caterpillars”

  1. Ethel Smith says:

    Keith, looks like Spanish Moth all right( Xanthopastis timais) also called Convict Caterpillar – found in Texas on Amaryllis. See Cranston Whitney’s huge book on Insects of North America. The adult moth is very pretty also – lots of pink and black — Ethel Smith in MN

  2. Henry Shejbal says:

    Hello Keith,

    Your pest might be Brithys crini.

    Kind regards
    Henry (Rome)