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June 6, 2010

Categories: Hybridizing, Seeds

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I wanted to thank those of you who responded with their thoughts on seed germination.  The concensus is directly after harvesting, ripe.  Although no real harm comes to later planted seed.  So be it, I will sow directly, which I find better in any case.  I hate finding bags of unplanted seed secreted away in corners of the fridge or cupbord!  I just sprouted some 8 year old Lupin seed!  Found in the back of the beer fridge.  With the sudden heat, I was quite thirsty!

As well, I wish to express my true thanks to Ben and Nancy for giving us one of the most amazing resources on-line.  Without the Daffnet site, I doubt I would have become so enthralled with Narcissus.  I know I am not alone.

Ciao für now,

Jamie V.

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