Ethel Smith, Minnesota

Storms and Flower Shows

June 20, 2010

Categories: Show Prep and Exhibiting, Shows

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 1. storms (Mary Lou Gripshover)
 2. Re: Taking too many flowers to a show (Brian S. Duncan)

Brian, I agree with you wholeheartedly – we have flower shows to show people what wonderful flowers there are and encourage them to grow them also. The winning of prizes is great, but that shouldn’t be the whole purpose of the show. If folks walk away after the show and make plans to grow some daffodils in their gardens, that is just terrific! 
And thanks for your inquiry, Mary Lou – we in the Twin Cities area dodged the weather bullet again – the terrible storms that tore through Minnesota passed north and south of us, thank goodness, and we are currently enjoying very nice weather here. Ethel Smith in MN

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