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Fw: Secret Blush

July 12, 2010

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Another  top  quality  show  tazetta  from  Wilf  .
His  comments  are  interesting  so  I  left  the  email  on ..
I  saw  Secret  Blush  last  season  and  it  is  a  stunning  colour  combination ;  just  a  subtle  but  eyecatching
hint  of  pink  on  the  flower  rim  .Also  a  quality  , clean  perianth and  good  flower  attachment  on  a  strong stem
Note  again  that  Wilf  has  used  another  genuine  smallcup  as  the  pollen  parent  and  the  result  is  again  a  well
proportioned  tazetta  that looks  very  balanced .Last  season  it was  a  lot  later  flowering  .
Cheers  John .  ..
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Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 10:55 PM
Subject: Secret Blush
Hi John,
Had hopes of marking a few seedlings today, but it will have to wait until Sunday. I did find a stem of ‘Secret Blush’ with the pink still evident. It’s breeding is “Grand Monarque’ x ‘Fiddleedee’ I couldn’t believe this at first, but John Hunter was saying that some of Jackson’s 3W-P seedlings had ‘Fiddleedee’ as parents. Couldn’t get the super macro to work today. I have a feeling that there are no photos of ‘Secret Blush’  on Daffseek but I could be wrong.
Cheers  Wilf.

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