John McLennan, New Zealand

Fw: Yet another Voda Seedling

July 26, 2010

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Hi  Daffnetters ,
Wilf  Hall  is  having  a  great  run  with  the  tazettas  this  season .. 
Thanks  for  the  feedback ; it,s  good  to  have  some  interesting  flowers  in  this  quiet  period  ..
Northern  N Z  had  a  very  warm  weekend  —  highs  over  16  o C  and  overnight  lows of  8  – 9 o C
Warm  for  July  and  the  growth  is  racing  —  6  weeks to  main  shows .
Wilf  was  measuring  the  mini  tazetta  today  and  has  quite  a  few  selections  in  the  25  —  32  mm  range,
averaging  about  7  –  8  flowers  per  head  .All  have  good  tazetta  fragrance also .
Quite  a  few  are  fertile  and  he  has  been  crossing  sdlg  —  x  —  sdlg ,  working on  size  and  strong  colour  .
Progress  is  impressive ..
As  this  pic  shows ;  he  is  also  on  a  good  line  of  standard ,  larger  tazettas  from  Voda ..
Cheers  John .
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Hi John,
Took more photos today although it was hard to get the light right. I have now selected three Avalanche  x Voda seedlings this year, all from different crosses, done in 2002  (this particular one), 2005  (the previous one that you saw), and one from a 2004 cross. The 2004 one is the palest, just approaching pale orange as it matures.
The original Ava X Voda seedling  was AVX-175.  This one is AVX-176. Tried brushing the thrip off but just when I thought I had got them all, one or two would appear just as I had the focus right.
Secret Blush is having a great year, growing strongly and flowering well. Picked a three header today which I felt had a more distinct band of pink. Might send the photo of it. I have already had a request for a bulb of it after the person saw it on DaffNet.
Hope you had a good day.  Cheers  Wilf


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  1. Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland
    Brian Duncan, Northern Ireland
    July 26, 2010 at 6:20 am

    What an enviable selection problem for  Wilf!  And thanks for showing us his progress.
    Is he managing to get plant size down in proportion to  flower size? Some of those Tazettas make big plants!