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Fw: Wanganui Show

September 20, 2010

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Hi  Daffnetters ,
Thanks  to  Wilf Hall ,  we  have  a good  collection  of  the  winning  flowers from  the  Wanganui  Hort  Soc
Show  ,  a  one  dayer  , held Saturday  18  Sept.
This  is  Wayne  Hughes home  patch  and  Spud  Brogden  is  only an hour  up  the  road  .
Wilf  said  their  seedling  and  N Z  raised  entries  were  absolute  top  class ,  as  would  be  expected from  2 of 
New Zealands  top  breeders  and  exhibitors  .
  The  disaster story  is  a  continuation  of  the  late  finish  Wilf  and  I  kept  having when  helping  with  the
 N I  Nat  in  Palmy  last  week  .It  includes  car  key  problems  on  the  first set  up  day  , then  on the  final
Sunday  ,  after  moving  staging  ,  sorting  vases  etc  , we both finally  left  P N  just  after  8  pm  only  to
get  held  up  by a road  accident at  Makarua  ;  I  made  home about  9 30  —  a  long  weekend  indeed ..
It  was  good  to  hear  Spud  is  back  in  action  again.
Enjoy  their  fine  flowers  and  Wilf photos  .
Cheers  John .
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Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2010 11:35 PM
Subject: Wanganui Show
Hi John,
Well another day and another daffodil story from the disaster series. Didn’t get home from Wanganui until nearly a quarter to 9 this evening. Short version – slips between Wangaehu and Ratana kept the road closed till 7.25pm. Rained most of the day so very few public through. Wayne and Spud made the show – myself, Julie and Kevinand  David  Luty filled in at the lower end. Reg judged. So as we couldn’t leave, there was plenty of time for talk, coffee and snoozes.  While I did a report, I forgot to write down the premiers, so will have to contact Lynn to see whether she retained  list of the Pemiers. I did not photograph them all, but I will send you photos of some that took my eye and a few others.  Attached to this E-mail is a photo of the Champion Bloom  99-77a  a seedling 2W-P from Wayne Hughes’s winning 3 seedlings raised by exhibitor. The photo makes it look big but it was actually quite small which didn’t go down well with some.
Cheers  Wilf

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