Monthly Archives: September 2010

Latest Midwest bulletin

I was rifling through my computer this AM, and could not find it. If anyone has a copy, please post it or email it to me. I need the show…

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re Division 3 W.W. Premier S.I. Show

September 29, 2010

To those interested.   Of the division 3 South Island Premiers posted today on daffnet it is surprising to find that the New Zealand judges chose a mis-named premier 3W-W.  This flower…

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South Island premiers

Hi   Div 3 continued   3W-Y  Truculent  exhibited by  Malroze 3W-O/R  Centrefold  Denise and Neil McQuarrie 3W-W  Polar Convention  Denise and Neil McQuarrie     That is all for…

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South National Premiers cont

Hi   More Div 2 premiers   2W-P  Winchester Pride  exhibited by  Pleasant Valley Daffodils 2W-W  Crystal Gem    Wayne Hughes   2Y-Y and 2Y-reverse to follow later   Div…

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South Island National Show

Hi   We continue with the division 2 premiers   2Y- O/R  Egmont King  exhibited by  Wayne Hughes 2Y-P  Oregon Pioneer  Michael and Marion Brown 2W-Y  Champeen  Alistair and Joan…

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South Island Show blooms

Hi Everybody   We can make a start tonight with the following   Div 1Y-Y  Our Bruce exhibited by Peter and Lesley Ramsay Div 1Y-reverse  Trumpet Warrior exhibited by Greg…

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