re Division 3W-W Premier S.I. Show

September 29, 2010

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To all who replied to my e-mail,
We had Ron Tyrell  first in line closely followed by Noelene McLaren and Kevin Kerr who all named the flower as “Sea Dream”.  I believe that is the correct identification.    We will forward a bulb of “Try Line” ( a 3W-YYR  dia.115 bred from “Challenge” x “Waipoa”) to each of them in the summer.
“Sea Dream”  1968, raised by the late Jim O’More  was grown widely in New Zealand and regarded as one of his best cultivars.
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One Response to re Division 3W-W Premier S.I. Show

  1. Denise and Neil McQuarrie, New Zealand
    September 29, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    Okay, can anyone tell me what these 3w-w’s are – maybe have a little bit more colour than usual in the coronas because of the persistent rain.  The bottom photo is a seedling from Sea Dream X Polar Imp which I rather like.  It has opened inside.  I got up to the patch briefly between showers today, they sure have enjoyed the rain as far as flower size and substance goes.  There are some wonderful flowers of Runita in the patch.
    Regards to all, Denise.