Loyce McKenzie, Mississippi

the practical question

October 21, 2010

Categories: Growing Daffodils, Planting, Soil

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Daffnetters, I appreciate all the basics on Epsom Salts.
But if I were planning to use some, presumably on red-cups,
does anyone specifically recommend
HOW to use it (I gather most of you sprinkle it on top of the soil and water
it in
WHEN to do this–as soon as I’ve finished planting, or right after Christmas?
Loyce McKenzie

One response to “the practical question”

  1. David Liedlich says:

    Hi Loyce,

    I was wondering the same “practical” question as you.  I did have some reservation about the fact that it is a “salt”, and wondered if Epsom salts could hurt plants in any way even though there were beneficial elements contained in the magnesium sulfate compound.

    I was planning (at some point) to sprinkle Epsom salts over daffodil beds LATE in the fall.  In my reasoning, any possible harmful effect of the salts would perhaps be countered by the fact that the growing season was past.  I reasoned that as the epsom salts dissolved over the late fall and early winter, the nutrients would be available for uptake by the roots.

    As I said, I have not done this yet.  I want to though, and eagerly await a definative reply from someone to answer your question.  I do believe that trace minerals and nutrients have an effect on the brilliance of red color in daffodils.  I have seen a varirty of red daffodil at a local show with a much more intense red than the same variety exhibits at my property, perhaps a 30 minute drive away.  The differences in red color between these two locations are not therefore climatic, as it is the same climate.  Amount of sun exposure is one other variable.  Some have said if you want to show a red daffodil with the best color, pick it early.  That way the sun does not have much time to lighten the shade of red.

    Dave Liedlich