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November 2, 2010

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The following posting is the recipe used by Johnny Walkers referred to by Ian Tyler’s posting October 27:

The programme that I use is as follows:-

After lifting the bulbs in June /July the bulbs are dried and sorted. The best bulbs are then selected and put into a temperature controlled store at 20C AND 70-75%RH

The bulbs are left in this store until New Year and then planted into trays of good quality compost. ( New Year to Chelsea = 20 weeks) There should be 7cm of compost underneath the bulb and 2-3cm on top of the bulb. It does not need to be covered as in conventional planting. Once the bulbs are planted and well watered they are placed into  store at approx. 10C to root which will normally take 10 -14 days. Once rooted they go into another store at 2-3C until 3 weeks before the show. At this point they go into the glasshouse and we start praying as at that time of year other than screens we have no control over the temperature. Too much sun and too hot means that they flower short and like buttercups, too cool and dull they get too long with no strength in the stem. We normally plant twice as many varieties as required because we know some varieties will not make it although it is not the same varieties every year. While the trays are in cold store it is important that the compost is kept moist so they will be watered at least once and when they are put into the glasshouse they will be given a dose of fungicide and watered copiously everyday for the first week and then as required.

Some varieties will start flowering in 8-9 days (earlies) others will take all of three weeks. Once the flowers reach optimum size and colour they are picked and put into cold store in fresh water at 2C until required for the show.

Hope this is of use but any questions do not be afraid to ask.


Johnny Walkers

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