November 4, 2010

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Hi All,
Its a beautiful early summer night here. I know some of you enjoy finding interesting sites on your computer. This one is a challenge for Linda Wallpe.
Go to Canterbury Quake Live
It will give you a list of the latest earthquakes. At 2:35pm on the 4th November a small quake occured on Maddison’s Rd. Push the key for a satellite photo and zoom in on the property two houses west of the earthquake site. You will see the satelite photo was taken back in March when David Cambell had spread sawdust on his daffodil patch. The rows are easily identified. They are Silva Dell daffodils. A number of you have visited the Campbells. At least the soil should be loosened up a bit ready for digging next month.
John McLennan asked for comments about flowering seasons. Our season lasted this year from Bambi on 4th August, about 6 days early to x medioluteus which is flowering at the moment, about normal. I am convinced flowering and quality of flower has to do with soil temperature. We normally have our best flowers after the show season when the soil warms up. This year we had rain through May – June then dry weather through to now. We did not have a succession of frosts or cold days. The soil remained relatively warm and we had the best show season we have had for years.
I find that if the winter has been cold our season is very compacted with first flowers mid September and finished by first week of October – three weeks. This year we have had eight weeks to enjoy our flowers. My grandson even picked a bunch for Leitha last weekend. They were from late planted cultivars.
Brian Duncan once gave me a very logical reason why many of his earlier named cultivars are later flowering. He may wish to share this with us.

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