Fw: Beach Babe

December 11, 2010

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Thanks Nancy for resizing this Beach Babe (photo). I should have had this one going before Brian Duncan wrote his article for the RHS Year Book.
Ohope  (A NZ beach resort) x Sunchild) hence Beach Babe.


2 responses to “Fw: Beach Babe”

  1. Denis Dailey says:

    This is a lovely photo. If the flower is as shown, it should be "best of show" everwhere. It is 10 degrees F and I'm shoveling out 20 inches of recent snow here in  Minnnesota. I'm also interested in why judges don't like the division 11 you recently posted. Are there some special considerations judges generally consider – other than the  diffentiations between 11a and 11b ? That photo seemed to show all the elements I would consider in judging a flower and while the "splits" were not as wide as most, they were interesting, symetrical and evenly located.  What more could one ask from an 11?

    Denis Dailey

  2. Peter and Lesley Ramsay says:

    Hello All,

    David has, as always, posted some photos which are challenging.  They sent me scurrying to our Judging Manual.  The rule for doubles is clear – “doubles, like other divisions should have six perianth segments when viewed from the back”. If they have more than six segments then judges are instructed to downpoint the bloom (not disqualify).  I would be interested to see the back view of the doubles in David’s photo.

    The Manual is also clear on Division 11 blooms – “the corona may be split into into either three or six segments”.  I have never seen Berri White on the show bench But clearly it complies with the rules and should be judged as such.

    We are having a prolonged drought here – no rain or even drizzle for ages.  Our lawns are brown and the roses despite frequent watering are suffering.  Have lifted a few bulbs (recent imports) and they are looking good so far.