Harold Koopowitz, California

in flower now

December 1, 2010

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling

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Hi All:

Here are two daffs flowering today. Each has problems but are also interesting. The cross of Emerald Sea x Lima’s Green Success helped stabilize the green color in the cup, increased the size of the bloom and gave a greenish tinge to the tepals but tepal form is rather bad. I will probably backcross ‘Lima’s Green Success’ onto it and hope for better green intensity and form.
The other is N. minatus ‘SFR’ which is very petite with Emerald Sea. This has the best perianth of a considerable number of seedlings obtained from the cross but now the triangular shape of the N. miniatus corona has dominated. Sometimes it is very hard to win. But I think I might register this one – it is the best of the cross and a happy offset producer. i think this one might have some fertility.


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