Harold Koopowitz, California

Not Greens

December 16, 2010

Categories: Hybridizing, Seedling, Show Results

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Here are some flowers currently in bloom. The bulbocodium is remarkable in that the seed was only planted 18 months ago. This is the fastest I have ever flowered any daffodil. There is a second seedling at the front of the pot with another bud showing. The little white/cream flower makes a great clump but unfortunately the label is quite unreadable. It is from my very early jonquilla crosses and may be with one of the tinier miniatus selections. Not sure wether or not it should be registered. I have a fair amount of stock. Another good clumper in my garden is my ‘Tequila Sunrise’. Loyce had a good clump in her garden, I wonder if it still persists. Harold

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